Where's Walter?
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Where's Walter?

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Where's Walter? is a fundraiser for an awesome kid named Ian with Cerebral Palsy. We are raising money for Ian to have a service dog to gain more independence. As you know, dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors just like our Where's Walter? tshirts. 

Since we do not know what color or kind of dog Ian could possibly have, we have decided to make our shirt colors a mystery as well.  If tshirt color does matter to you and you do not want it to be a complete mystery, you can request your 3 favorite shirt colors and we will choose one color from your request. Please email me at enjoyshirts1@gmail.com with your order number and color preferences with in 24 hours of purchase. 

Choose local delivery if you would like to pick up your order. 

Thank you for helping with this wonderful cause!!